Have Geologists found Britain’s biggest impact event?

Geologists think they have discovered the biggest impact event, recorded in rocks ~1.2billion years old in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland near Ullapool:



Will the Lochaber Geopark attract more tourists?

The Lochaber region of Scotland has been awarded Geopark status, but will it bring geology enthusiasts to the area?


Could dinosaurs swim?

Whilst marine reptiles are well known from the era of the dinosaurs, there is growing evidence that they also enjoyed a dip:


What were ancient rainforests like?

The remains of a 300 million year-old rainforest have given geologists an insight into past climates and ecosystems:


Further forest discoveries are helping us learn what the ancient Earth was like:


How do giant crystals form?

Giant crystals from Mexico must have enjoyed near perfect conditions for growing:


How the cave was discovered:


Does Greenland hold the key to explaining the origin of oceans?

Some of the world’s oldest rocks are found on Greenland and geologists have spent decades unraavelling their story to try and discover more about our early planet:


Does the UK have an impact crater?

The much lauded anouncement of the discovery of an impact crater in the North Sea has been contested by other geologists who argue a different origin: