Will new Dinosaur egg finds help unravel their behaviour?

Much can be learnt from the composition, distribution and construction of dinosaur eggs, so will this new find shed more light on the lives of Dinosaurs?



How many Dinosaur species are there?

Many Dinosaur species are named from incomplete specimens, which is a result of the rarity of dinosaur fossils in general. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you have a new species or a slight variation of something which is already known:


Is life even older than we thought?

The palaeontology of the earliest signs of life is a blend of chemistry and mineralogy. Uncertainty is part of life for people dealing with the most ancient evidence. Geologists are communally convinced that they have solid signs of life which are ~4.2 billion years old, but some samples seem to suggest an even earlier date.


How serious is fossil theft around the world?

Many sites are left unprotected and are open to abuse by rogue traders who sell to rich collectors without thought for due scientific process. Here is one example:


What will Yemen’s dinosaur trackways tell us?

Dinosaur trackways have been found in Yeman on the Arabian peninsula, where evidence of dinosaur activity was previously limited:


Major landslip on south Dorset coast

There has been a major landslip between Lyme Regis and CHarmouth on the Dorset “Jurassic Coast”. It’s likely that it will attract fossil hunters and palaeontologists seeking new finds:


Did Elephants evolve from an aquatic ancestor?

It has been suggested that elephants evolved from water-loving ancestors, similar in lifestyle to modern hippos: