Major landslip on south Dorset coast

There has been a major landslip between Lyme Regis and CHarmouth on the Dorset “Jurassic Coast”. It’s likely that it will attract fossil hunters and palaeontologists seeking new finds:


Will drilling near Japan be the first stage towards an earthquake early warning system?

Geologists are investigating the Nankai Trough, off Japan, in an attempt to beeter understand it’s geology and perhaps develop an early warning system for earthquakes:

Welcome to the Anthropocene epoch!

For a long time, geologists have wondered what trace the human race would leave in the geological record. The period is now being called the Anthropocene:

Did Elephants evolve from an aquatic ancestor?

It has been suggested that elephants evolved from water-loving ancestors, similar in lifestyle to modern hippos:

Ancient volcanoes in Antarctica

Was Antarctica the home to major volcanic eruptions in the past?

Is the Burgess Shale the most important fossil locality in the world?

The Burgess Shale, in British Columbia, Canada, is famous for its preservation of soft bodied fossils from the Cambrian Period, when multicellular life was relatively new. It preserves an number of creatures which can be recognised as ancestors of our current biota as well as many other forms which were not successful in evolutionary terms.

You can find out much more about at this link, which contains a variety of links to more detailed pages:

Ancient spider revealed in amber

A 40 million year old spider has been dicovered by an amateur collector and donated to the Natural History Museum in London:

Previous amber finds have uncovered much about the evolution of spiders: